Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're in!

We are finially in our house! Yesterday we got the call from our mortgage lady and for the first time throughout this whole process she had something good to say! Anyways, this has to be short because I have a ton to do. We have got to vacate, which is almost done, and clean our apartment ASAP so out landlord can move in. We are not going to have the internet for a few days so this will be the last post for alittle while.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Spoke to soon

It appears I spoke to soon. I have no idea why but funding did not happen today. I don't have a clue!! We asked them and all they had to say was they were working on it and didn't get it done.
I can't even describe how completely unsatisfied with this company that I am. I am to the point that I would love to go onto the radio and tell the entire city of St George every single thing that they have done just to make sure that everyone would be educated and know exactly what they were getting themselves into while using this company!!! Maybe we'll be in by Christmas
Sorry ya'll for the unpleasant email. I had to vent

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hurray!! We Finially closed on our house today! Tomorrow the funding will happen and then we should be given the keys to move in tomorrow afternoon! This loan process has been an absolute pain! One thing after another after another, but thank goodness it is over with.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


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3. Tell about 6 quirks of yours.

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I have many quirks... here are a few:

I am scared of the dark. If I get up in the middle of the night and go into the kitchen (or any other room in the house) I have to turn on every single light switch that I see, including the bedroom light. I absolutely refuse to go outside at night alone, even at my parents house where I grew up. Talk about dark, the area outside of Delta gets pretty dang dark without the street lights. My fear of the dark really drives Darrell crazy!

I am also a cover nazi! I believe that covers (blankets) were invented to cover people and it would be a shame if you threw off all the cover and slept without them. I cannont sleep unless I am completely covered, minus my nose for breathing purposes. I also make Darrell get under the covers so no cold air gets into the covers.

Most of my quirks definately come into play at night, as you can tell. Well here is another one that occurs right before bed time. If I do not take a bath I WILL NOT be able to fall asleep. Bath time has definately become theraputic to me. It is my time to unwind and stop thinking about things that are bugging me. I often get that restlessness in my legs at night and I am often to busy in the day to really think about problems and so they all seem to pop up at night and the only way to clear my head is to take a bath.

I cannot sit still. I swear I have A.D.D. or something. I just have to be playing with something at all times. When me and Darrell are watching a movie I can't just watch the movie with him. I have to be either reading a book and watching, or playing with cards, or something. If I don't have something to play with I usually have to tap my feet or find something to occupy my hands. I think that quirk probably comes from my mother and my brother Keith! Its all in the Genes!

I guess to a man this would be considered a quirk that a woman might have. I hate cooking!
I have always thought that there was much better things to do than hang out in the kitchen. My mother has always been a wonderful cook. She would try and get me to cook with her in the kitchen but I usually fought it untill I didn't have to. I always firgured, "Why have me experiment with cooking and have meals turn out not so good, when I could alway have my mom cook and have a wonderful meal." Now I am married, I realize maybe I should have payed just alittle bit more attention in the kitchen, I am working on it though. Someday...... maybe if I could cook something that actually tasted good, I would probably enjoy it better.

One more... This one has to do with my job. When I clean houses I like to clean myself out of the house. Seems logic enough. Vaccuming is the very last thing that I do in a house. I CANNOT HANDLE WALKING OVER FRESHLEY VACUUMED CARPET!! Now if the home owner walks over the carpet that is ok because it is their carpet but me, Oh NO! That is against the rules. One day the radio was asking people to call in and tell them which should be first, vaccuming or dusting. The amount of dust a vaccum would put back into the air would not be ANYWHERE NEAR as visible as a carpet with footprints on it! I also have a very precise pattern that I use when I vaccum. I once had a girl that worked for me that I could not stand the way she vaccumed and she would walk over the carpet when she was done!

I am suppose to tag 6 people but some that I would have tagged have already been tagged so I am only going to tag 4 people. I am going to tag

Rachel Anderson

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cooking-Not my specialty

Since we were planning on moving today I had packed up most of the food in our kitchen except for a few things so, when it came to dinner last night we really didn't have much food to choose from. I decided to make German Pancakes, which I had never made before. I pulled out my cookbook, followed it to a tee. Well, this is how it turned out. I 2 pictures of it to try and show everyone how high the edges actually were. In fact it was so high that the right edge was actually touching the burner on the inner top of the stove. Is that normal? If I would have left that it there much longer it probably would have caught on fire. It made me laugh so I thought that I'd share it with ya'll. oh and it did actually taste alright, it was alittle satlier than I would perfer, but it was ok.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Here we go again!

Last night we did the final walk through with the builders on our house. Everything looks good. We found acouple spots that needed some touch up spots but that was it. While we were there we got a call from our mortgage lady wanting to meet with us as soon as we were done with the walk through, first thought that crossed my mind was... what happened now and why can't we close. Sure enough my suspicions were correct. When we got there she informed us that we could not close today. When we first got approved for the loan we were getting the down payment assistance program that was being offered. The catch with that was the program was not going to be offered after October 31st so our loan had to be final by then. Our mortgage lady submitted our information and it appears that the underwriters (? I think ?) had the information but did not process it before the 31st. They just didn't do their job. That program is gone with absolutely no exceptions. So... needless to say they messed up and messed up bad and our mortgage lady has been working on this everyday for 1.5 weeks and is close to coming up with an agreement with the underwriters, investors, and owner of the mortgage company to still let our loan go through with no money down and a lower interest rate. The rate we have right now is 6.125% so what we have is not bad at all. She could not tell us what it will be for sure because she does not have it in writing from all of the other people involved. She did say we are getting a far better deal than we were. I was very excited to move in this weekend and am extermely tired of living in a house that is all packed up, messy, and clutered but hopefully we will get the better end of the deal in the end. I don't know when we will move in but hopefully soon before my landlord gets impatient!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

It is Finished!

So our house is finished! We are, hopefully, closing on Thursday and moving in on Friday.
The top right picture is of our entry way looking into our living room. The top left picture is from our living into dining/kitchen. And then of coures, the exterior. All the the main stuff on the house was finished on Tuesday if I remeber right. The rest of the week they did touch up things. Unfortunately we could not move in this weekend. For some reason we can't close until the 5th. We only did the landscaping in the front of the house because we are feeling kind of poor right now and it would have cost alot to get it done. Plus we have Bandit and he would probably destroy the grass anyway. We'll finish the back before we sell it, or when we get kids, whichever comes first.
I am acutally kind of glad that we did not move in yesterday and the day before because, it gave me a day to relax. Saturday was great. I have not had a Saturday that I have not been working or being really busy in a LONG time! I was so bored that I actually made bread, which was the first time ever for me. I'm not a good cook but crazily the bread turned out really good. It was a very needed relaxing day.