Sunday, December 28, 2008



I know I am alittle late but, better late than never right!

Our Christmas was pretty good. The week before Christmas my sister Shannon, my brother Nate and my parents came down and we all went to the play The Forgotten Carols, by Micheal Mclean. It was awesome. He is a very talented man and I could listen the his music all day long. This year we spent Christmas with Darrell's family. It was fun. We were able to go snowmobiling. It was my first time and other then the times that I go stuck it was pretty fun. Darrell loved it though. He grew up on snowmoblies and he has not been on one since we got married so he was pretty excited about it! We hung out in Logan for a week. On new years all of my sibilings went over to my sister Rachel's house and we played games and just had fun together. We also got to meet my brother's girlfriend. It was very fun to hang out with everyone! That probably won't happen again for quite a while considering we don't all live in the same state. My brother Keith and his wife are moving to Virginia and Nate is still in Tuscon.

Highlights of 2008

2008 was a good year, for the most part. The best part about it was all of the traveling we did over the spring and summer. We made a trip down to lagoona beach for a wedding, we went to Bosie for my cousins mission homecoming, we went up to Logan and went waterskiing acouple of times. We went to Boulder Mountain where we went and hikes slot canyons, we went into capitol reaf national park, and did other fun hikes. The week before that I had a surgery and so that put a damper on some of the things that Icould do on that trip but it was still fun. In June we went to Havasupai, AZ. It was a backpacking trip. I would recommend it to anyone. The hiking 10 miles, carring all your supplies was well worth seeing the falls, they were awesome! Then came our house project. Once we started the house all of our travels came to an abrupt halt. After fighting with the mortgage company we were finially able to move right before Thanksgiving. That is about all for our 2008! We are looking forward to a new year.Here are a few picture from some of our trips.

Bottom of Mooney Falls

The first night we slept outside in the parking lot at the entrance of the hike down in. We had been told that is was suppose to be hot while we were there so we didn't bring our sleeping backs, we just brought fleece sleeping bags that are as thick as a normal blanket. That night it was so windy, rainy, and cold. There were 4 of us and we all cramed in to my dad's Honda and tried to sleep. We got about 2 hours of sleep (tops). The above picture is darrell trying to sleep alittle bit more before out 10 mile hike in.

Me jumping off a waterfall
Havasupai Az,

Lagoona Beach, CA

I believe this was in Capitol Reaf Nat. Park.

Demolition derby in Delta
Slot canyons near Escalante

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It Snowed in St George!

Actually it has been snowing for days. I just don't have anything else to write about, so snow it is. St George people are crazy. 2 days ago Darrell showed up to work and they told everyone that because of the snow that they weren't going to work that day so he came home. I guess the only work they had at the shop was rough ins and thats when you do all the under ground plumbing before the framing is put up in new construction homes. I guess his boss didn't want all of his employees to freeze.

This morning I got up with Darrell before he went to work and we were listening to the radio and sure enough all schools in Washington county are CLOSED today!! We have, maybe, 2 inches of snow on the ground. People here would never survive in Cache valley or anywhere in northern Utah for that matter. I do have to admit I have also adapted to warm weather but, I still welcome the snow one or two days a year down here. The weird thing is that Bandit hasn't wanted to be outside playing in the snow! Every time we take him outside he just sit by the door and waits for us to let him back in. You'd think for an Alaskan Malamute that he would be thrilled to pieces that it is snowing!

My poor tree. It looks pretty sad this morning. It is definately sagging from the weight of all the snow. Hopefully all my new plant survive the cold.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas lights

Now that our house is done it seems like I have nothing new to say. Just the same thing everyday. Just cleaning houses. There are still alot of things that we need to get for the house for example a fence, toilet paper holder, towel rack, decorations, etc... As soon as I get all of those things I will take a picture of the finished product. That could be a while! But what I can take a picture of is my Christmas tree! So here it is... I did decorate the exterior of the house as well, kind of. I got the roof section done first and then we to put them up above the door. Well, the way the house is shaped we would have to actually get up and stand on a small portion of the roof to get everything and when we got up to the top of the ladder if appears that the roofers left up with broken tiles! We've got 4 broken tiles of our roof. Needless to say we did not finish hanging the lights on the roof because we do not want to give them the opportunity for them to blame us for the tiles beacause we would have had to stand on the roof. If they come and fix the tiles before Christmas we will finish hanging the lights if not then we have a lit up garage! I did light up some plants as well. Anyways that is about it for tonight.