Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here is the color of our carpet. This is in our master bedroom. Rachel (my sister) called me last night and asked me why I haven't put any pictures of our living room and bedrooms. I haven't done it because it is just an empty room, so I did at least take a picture of the carpet. As for the living room it is all tile so there is nothing new to see in it until there is furniture. My husband just called and told me that we do now have plants in the front and today we will have the sod put on. Darrell said we have a 24ft tree and acouple 16ft trees and lots of little plants. I will go by today and put some more pictures on later.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Finished interior

Here is the picture of our finished bathroom and kitchen. To the left of the pantry door is where our fridge is going to be. We don't have a fridge yet, we have ordered it and it should be there the end of this week or the beginning of next week. We were hoping to close on our house this week and move in this weekend but the loan stuff is going to take took long. There is a slight chance we could have it all done, but I doubt it. Darrell has to go back up to Montana to do the plumbing on a big lodge cabin up there on Monday(a week from today) he will be gone around 4 days so it looks like we probably won't be able to move in until after he gets back. Its kid of a bummer deal but things have gone relatively smoothly for us and so it is alright. Everything is done inside the house except for the door knobs. Half of the landscaping is done, both things will be finished tomorrow! I'll take a picture of the exterior of the house tomorrow.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More House Pics

Our house is coming along very smoothly. The tile in the tub/shower is still not done but I thought that I would put in a picture of what we have done so far. There will be one more row of tile above where it is right now. Me, Darrell, and his Uncle Don did the tile floors over conference weekend and we have been slowly doing the shower walls in the evenings after work. Darrell has done an awesome job with the tile. the design and layout of the tile was all his idea. Over conference weekend we had it down to a tee- Don cut the tile, Darrell layed the tile, and I grouted the tile, mixed the thin set and did whatever else Darrell told me to. It was actually pretty fun. I like doing hands on stuff. Our hands were pretty sore and cut up by the end of the weekend though. Yesterday they got the kitchen cupboards put in, hopefully the countertops will be put in soon. We also got light fixtures yesterday too. All we need left to do in the inside is; finish with the trim electical stuff, trim heating & air stuff, trim plumbing(darrell's doing), countertops, and touch up paint and then we are done. The exterior need landscaped the finishing layer of stucco. Hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as I do!

Monday, October 13, 2008


I dyed my hair last week and there has been a few people that really wanted to see what it looked like so, here ya go!

More House Stuff

We have been so busy lately that I have not have time to update my blog.

Darrell had to go up to Montana last week for acouple of days. Him and his boss flew up to Montana, in his boss's personal plane. Three other guys from the shop drove up earlier in the week. There is a huge cabin up there that they are doing the plumbing for. It was pretty much torture for me. For one, they did not have any cell phone sevices so I could even talk with him for 2 days, and second it was only the second time since we got married that I have been all alone in my apartment at night! That terrifies me. I have a really busy work week so I didn't notice he was gone until night came around. He made it home just in time. Had the job taken one more day to do, he would have been stormed in and wouldn't have been able to some home till today.
Alot has happened with our house since I did the last blog. All of the framing, sheet rock, and all of that is long done. Our house has stucco on the outside now, it is gray right now but when they finish it will be dark brown. Our tile roof is just about done. The base molding and doors and cases are in. Over conference weekend we layed the tile in the kitchen, living room, hallways, and bathroom floors. I drove by the house today and we now have a concrete driveway, and the walls are being primed today and they will be painted tomorrow. So for those of you that are thinking that the house is coming along really fast well...... it is. About a month or so ago my landlord called me and said that him and his wife are splitting up and so we had to be out of the house at the end of October so that him or his wife could move into it. Darrell went and talked with the builder and they are going to have our house done by the end of this month instead of around Thanksgiving time. We don't have to be homeless for a month!! I'm excited. I have a few pictures of our house but none of them are recent. so I will have to take some more soon.
The first picure is back in framing stage, the second is right before they put up the stucco and the third is darrell standing in the kitchen before we layed the tile.