Monday, August 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Me and Darrell are building a house!!
We have been renting the same 1000 sq ft apt for 2 years and 3 months now. I can definately say that we have out grown our place. We just have to much stuff. We have looked to buy a place since we moved dow to St George Almost 3 years ago! Thank goodness we didn't. We have seen the market drop alot since then. For the past 8 months-ish we have looked at alot of short sale homes and forclosures and we haven't really felt good about any of them. Darrell is a sub contractor for Ence homes here and we found out that we can get a pretty good deal on a home because of that. Darrell is going to do the plumbing and tile in the house and ence gave us a 3% discount. They are going to pay our closing cost and our down payment on the home. We are going to a pre-construction meeting on friday and the I think within the next couple of weeks we will start construction.