Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I think that anyone that is reading this blog knows that throughout 2008 I spent alot of time in and out of doctor's offices. There is a drug that I was suppose to get put on this month. After alot of research about the drug, side affect, length of time on it, I decided that I wasn't going to do it! I don't want to be put through all of that! So this is what I have been doing instead. I have decided to go the alternative medicine route. We'll give that a shot and see if I get lucky. If not I'll get up on the drug later. This is my diet: absolutely No Pork, No Sugar, No Salt, and Enriched or bleached Flour (White Flour). 60% of my meal has to be fresh foods, either whole grains, vegetables, or fruit. 40% can be cooked but of the 40% only 15% be meat. I won't get into to much detail on what exactly I can eat but to say the least it is pretty restrictive. I also take a bunch of herbs every day. This diet is what my family grew up on and so it hard but not as hard as it would be for Darrell if I made him do it with me, which I don't. We haven't had a meal where we ate the same thing in about 3 weeks!
So heres to those of you that were wondering what we've been up to because I haven't updated our blog for a long time.
Oh, also Darrell's worked has picked back up since Christmas and is working full time hours again. My work is pretty much non exsistant. I'm alittle embarrassed to say it, but I love it! I love the free time, I love not having to breath in cleaning fumes all day long and my house is alot cleaner on a daily basis now that I'm not cleaning everyone else's homes! I only have 2 houses to clean every week for only 2 hours each house and the I have 4 houses that rotate every other week! I have lost about 7, i think, regular weekly cleans due to the economy. I think that the rental unit cleaning will start to pick up, hopefully, next month.

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Hey Gina!! How you guys been?
I was gonna ask you if you are pretty busy with your cleaning business...I have a teacher who is looking to get someone to clean her house and she was wondering what your schedule is and how much you charge per hour if you were interested.